Wellbeing workshops to help teams thrive

Wellbeing workshops to help teams thrive

Published: February 7th, 2024

Wellbeing at work is an issue that concerns everyone, and a series of free online seminars will arm managers and business owners with the insights and tools to create a healthy workplace. 

The Wellbeing Project is working in partnership with Thrive at Work to support workplace wellbeing and encourage positive behaviour change.  

Each seminar, delivered by an expert in the field, will cover a different topic: 

Psychological safety, Mastering Mindfulness and Healthy Habits will all be delivered by Sarah Thum-Bonanno, who concentrates on the practical application of business psychology. 

In Psychological Safety, delegates will learn how to proactively build a culture of safety and understand more about the behaviours that undermine or support psychological safety. Mastering Mindfulness will make delegates more aware of unhelpful thinking patterns and teach them practical mindfulness techniques for noticing thoughts, while Healthy Habits will explain how habits are formed and the triggers that lead to both healthy and unhealthy habits, as well as demonstrating behaviour change techniques. 

Money and Mental Health, delivered by banking and finance expert John Piercy, will explore the profound connection between money and wellbeing.  

John will explain the impact of the cost-of-living crisis, the link between money and mental health, the psychology of money and building money confidence.  

Pressure is essential to team performance, but in the Pressure Management seminar, learning and development consultant Rob Snell will explain how too much pressure can lead to stress and burnout.  

Rob will help managers manage pressure in their teams by understanding how performance is affected by pressure and stress, identifying demands that might be driving stress, developing strategies to manage unhealthy pressure, setting boundaries and providing support. 

To take part, click on the link for each seminar and complete the registration form. 

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