Healthy Habits – Thrive at Work Wellbeing Webinars

Healthy Habits – Thrive at Work Wellbeing Webinars

The Wellbeing Project is working in partnership with Thrive at Work to support workplace wellbeing and encourage positive behaviour change.

This ‘Healthy Habits’ webinar aims to empower delegates with a comprehensive understanding of habit formation. Delegates will acquire practical behaviour change techniques to establish and maintain healthy habits.


  • Know how habits are formed.​
  • Recognise triggers that lead to both healthy and unhealthy habits.​
  • Apply behaviour change techniques to develop and sustain healthy habits.​
  • Learn how to support others in adopting healthy habits.

This webinar is delivered by Sarah Thum-Bonanno.

Since 2015, Sarah has focussed on the practical application of business psychology and has been facilitating workshops and training ever since. Her main projects have focused on leadership / management training and resilience in the workplace.

Sarah is also a qualified coach and is accredited in a number of psychometrics, including Wraw and Myers-Briggs.

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