Webinars will help take the stress out of business

Webinars will help take the stress out of business
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Published: December 18th, 2020

A series of webinars in the new year aims to help take the stress out of business life for companies in Shropshire.

wellbeing Three separate events are being staged by the Marches Growth Hub Shropshire with expert Marguerite Elcock looking at mindfulness and wellbeing in the workplace.

On January 14 Marguerite, a clinical cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist, will host an hour-long workshop called Mindfulness for SMEs.

The upbeat practical workshop will explain what mindfulness is, why you need a mindful approach to business and how to start integrating mindfulness into your working day.

It will offer practical tools and exercises that can be used daily to manage stress and anxiety and improve quality of life in and out of the work environment. 

The 9.30am workshop – aimed at Shropshire business owners and managers, entrepreneurs, SMEs, not for profits and charities – will examine theory rooted in practice, discover the core skills to step out of autopilot and look at practical tools to stay focussed and cultivate a new attitude at work.

On January 22 Marguerite hosts another 9.30am session called Stress Less.

The event will help you plan to ease anxiety and reduce stress, understand what stress and anxiety is, how anxiety manifests itself in the brain and body and learn to differentiate between the different types of anxiety.

The event will detail practical skills to tackle your fears with targeted interventions, how to develop a coping plan that you can use every day to make real change, and how to challenge and change unhelpful thoughts.

Marguerite says:Easy to understand and to put into practice in your business, these skills are scientifically proven cognitive behavioural techniques to help you to improve mental health and wellbeing by challenging unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and instead help you to develop coping strategies that target solving current problems and give you the skills to meet the challenges of 2021 head on.

The final event – Introducing a Culture of Wellness into your business is being held at 9.30am on January 28.

In it, Marguerite will look at ways to promote wellbeing in your business and tackle some of the causes of employee stress.

She will highlight some practical tools to take care of the people involved in your business, ways to introduce good stress management practices, and why you should look to increase employee engagement.

Marguerite said: “Smart employers know that businesses perform better when their staff are healthy, motivated and focused. From this session you can take away practical tools that you can implement to create an open and supportive workplace and involve staff in the dialogue about a culture of wellbeing.

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