Employing Ukrainian nationals

Call for expressions of interest or support from businesses in Herefordshire and Worcestershire


Worcestershire County Council, Herefordshire Council, leading recruitment firm Hewett Recruitment and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce are working to support Ukraine Nationals who have applied to come to the UK under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. This includes the mandated checks which the Government requires local authorities to perform, providing advice to new arrivals with accessing local services and facilities as well as supporting some of the local initiatives that have been established to welcome Ukrainian Nationals.

At this stage there are 3 key areas where businesses can express interest or provide direct support:

  • Would your business be interested in employing Ukrainian Nationals? If so, please let us know the type of positions and skills required as well as location and pay rate.
  • Would you be interested in being a host for Ukrainian Nationals in the future? Whilst initial interest in the Homes for Ukraine scheme was very high, Worcestershire County Council and Herefordshire Council are still keen to get additional hosts signed up to meet the long term need.
  • Would you be interested in supporting any of the local “hubs” that have been established? This could be by means of providing time and expertise or donating items required such as desks, chairs, sofas, IT equipment etc.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to ask any businesses within our network to come forward if they would be interested in helping and learning more about any of the aforementioned items.

Please email: [email protected] or Ben Mannion, President of the Chamber, on [email protected]

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