Shropshire Net Zero Leaders

De-Carbonising Shropshire’s Business Supply Chains


Businesses that address the Net Zero and Sustainability agendas enjoy many advantages:

  • They have lower costs
  • They are seen as progressive
  • They have a significant marketing advantage
  • They have better staff recruitment and retention
  • They enjoy stronger customer loyalty and reduced price pressures
  • They are more valuable at the point of a trade sale.

Moreover, carbon reporting is increasingly being mandated by public sector and corporate buyers, as a ‘pass/fail’ requirement when tendering.

The Shropshire based Clean Tech Business Group Ltd has won a contract with Shropshire Council, funded by Levelling Up funds, to deliver these benefits to 25 businesses in the Shropshire Council area. The support is provided free of charge.

Nine man-days of support are available, spread over up to 12 months, to measure carbon emissions, develop a Net Zero strategy, and, crucially, to deliver carbon reductions. We will support the cutting all areas of emission, but with a focus on the Supply Chain. These are typically the largest element of a business’s overall emission, and always the hardest to abate.

The project is all about delivering carbon reductions, not solely reporting. Because the support is long-term and in-depth, we aim to do the leg work involved in reducing supply chain carbon emissions, as it is a complex area, requiring specialist knowledge and industry contacts.

Businesses that don’t engage in the Net Zero agenda will wither over the next decade. This is the opportunity for forward thinking, ambitious and progressive business owners to be, and be seen as, true business leaders in the County, and beyond.

For further information, contact Ewan Bent, MD of the Clean Tech Business Group on 07470 358353 or email [email protected]

This project is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.’

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