New help for businesses over coronavirus outbreaks

New help for businesses over coronavirus outbreaks
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Published: August 10th, 2020

bigstock_Wiping_Door_Knob_With_Antibact_359151226The Government has issued new advice to businesses on what to do if they suffer one or more confirmed cases of coronavirus.

It has launched a series of Action Cards – quick-reference guides which provide key steps to help businesses quickly identify, report and respond to any potential COVID-19 outbreak.

A Government spokesman said: "The action cards have been developed to cover a range of businesses and organisations to provide specific advice on the issues each type of organisation may face now lockdown restrictions have been eased.

"They complement existing outbreak control guidance, and signpost to other useful information to help business owners and managers fully understand their responsibilities in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19.

"If a confirmed case of COVID-19 has occurred in your business or organisation, go to the reporting an outbreak resource site to find the relevant type of organisation and follow the instructions on the action card. Depending on the type of organisation this may also include ‘possible’ cases of COVID-19, where coronavirus symptoms are present but a case has not been confirmed through testing."

The cards are designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on hand in your business or organisation.

Action cards are split into the following separate categories

A typical example of how to manage a possible outbreak includes:

1. Identify

You may be informed of a confirmed case of COVID-19 by NHS Test and Trace, an employee, visitor or your local Public Health England health protection team (PHE HPT).

When you are informed of more than one confirmed case of COVID-19, with symptoms dating within 14 days of each other, go to step 2. Depending on the type of organisation this may also include ‘possible’ cases of COVID-19.

2. Report

Immediately contact your local PHE HPT for help and advice. Every one of us plays a vital role in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Early engagement with your local PHE HPT is important to minimise any possible wider outbreak in your community.

See below for information you may be asked to provide. Do not worry if you’re unable to answer all the questions. Your local PHE HPT will guide you through the process.

3. Respond

Your local PHE HPT will work with you to assess the risks and identify the most appropriate actions to take.

Depending on the outcome, your local PHE HPT and local authority may establish an outbreak control team to help manage the situation.

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