How to beat the scammers

How to beat the scammers
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Published: June 19th, 2019

There is an unavoidable truth about technology.

Big book of scamsThe more sophisticated it gets, the more crooks and fraudsters learn to use it to get their hands on our money.

For small and medium sized enterprises, this can be a particular headache. With so much energy being poured into starting, growing and sustaining your business, it’s easy to take your eye off the ball for the split second the fraudsters need to do their worst.

And, of course, the impact of fraud is often more dramatic in SMEs which simply cannot afford the losses that may arise.

The threat of fraud is very real. The National Threat Assessment puts fraud on a par with drugs and terrorism and figures show 37% of organised criminal networks commit fraud to fund other crime.

Fortunately, help is at hand.

The Metropolitan Police has produced a special booklet giving vital advice on how to beat the scammers – and you can get your hands on it for free.

The Little Book of Big Scams guides you through the top ten tips to help you beat fraud, shatters some of the myths about how the conmen operate, pinpoints current trends among scammers and has pages of expert advice on how to reduce your fraud risk.

Detective Chief Superintendent Simon Letchford says it has been specifically put together to help smaller businesses protect themselves from the growing threat online fraudsters are posing.

"We are living in an age of mobile technology and wireless communications that is both easily accessible and affordable. The worldwide web has provided consumers with an unprecedented opportunity to shop, bank and conduct an array of other financial activities on line, but for fraudsters this is a growth industry too," he says.

"Criminals have identified that there are rewards to be reaped from online fraud; however, there are simple steps that you can take to stop them.

"Read this free booklet and follow the 10 top tips to discover just what is needed to defend yourself and your business against fraud and put the criminals out of business!"

You can download the booklet here

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