UKSPF Cultural Development Grant (Herefordshire)


This grant scheme is designed to help local natural, cultural and heritage sites or organisations to strengthen their operation, enhance their visitor offer and put on more outreach, engagement and participatory programmes.

We aim to fund improvements and programmes that align to one or more of the following interventions from the UKSPF investment priority – Communities and Place:

Herefordshire Council core interventions – E4: Enhancing existing cultural, historic and heritage institutions offer.

This grant scheme is designed to help existing local cultural, historic and heritage institutions to strengthen their operation, enhance their visitor offer and put on more programming specifically linked to their sites or assets.

What we mean by cultural development

We want to support and help strengthen Herefordshire’s existing cultural offers – whether a historic building, landmark, museum, heritage asset or cultural institution – so that we can continue to celebrate our incredible heritage and culture, and provide a quality offer for local people and tourists visiting our county.

Outputs and outcomes

This is a revenue-based grant scheme.

Activities should deliver the following outputs:

  • Increased visitor numbers
  • Increased number of programmes
  • Improved perception of facilities and amenities
  • We are particularly looking for cultural enhancement projects that:
  • Help to improve the overall quality of a cultural, historic or heritage offer in Herefordshire
  • Help to strengthen or build on its operation or service, and improve sustainability
  • Help to offer more engagement programmes linked to its offer and
  • That could not otherwise happen, where the grant enables the project to happen sooner, or enables the project to be larger or of greater quality

Who can apply

This is a county-wide grant scheme. Only organisations registered in Herefordshire with legal status can apply, including:

  • Charities, voluntary, community and not-for-profit organisations including charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) and social enterprises (e.g. CICs)
  • Businesses (with a core operation in the natural, cultural or heritage sector)
  • State and independent schools (as long as the project or activity benefits and involves the community and does not deliver activities that are part of the standard curriculum)
  • Town and parish councils
  • Community benefit societies
  • Community clubs or trusts
  • Religious organisations (as long as the project or activity benefits the wider community and does not include religious content)

Applicants who are registered outside Herefordshire can apply, but only where they deliver their main business, programmes and benefits directly in Herefordshire.

How much you can apply for

You can apply for a grant of up to 100% of the total project costs.

  • Minimum grant of £1,000
  • Maximum grant of up to £9,000

Visit the website for further information and details of funding rounds.

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