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UK music industry and government Get Paid Guide for music creators


A new website for songwriters, composers and artists helps to demystify music metadata. The digital Get Paid Guide equips music creators with quick and easy step-by-step guidance on what music data is, why it matters, and what to do with it. The Get Paid Guide empowers songwriters and composers to take control of their music data and learn how to manage it correctly and successfully.  

Widespread lack of awareness around accurate metadata input within the creator community, means incomplete data can lead to significant delays to creators being paid for the use of their works, and in some cases not being paid at all. 

A partnership between PRS for Music, The Ivors Academy, the Music Publishers Association (MPA), and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), the Get Paid Guide offers an education solution to simplify metadata and helps creators navigate their music data and music royalties effectively. 

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