WEBINAR NatWest : Wellbeing – Nutrition

WEBINAR NatWest : Wellbeing – Nutrition

What’s for lunch and why does it matter?

In this 40 minute session, Briony will invite you to think about how you eat, what you eat and how that might affect your body. We will even consider how you can use your lunch to boost your brain. Briony will share some of the science behind stress including the impact of micro-doses that we encounter every day and you will walk away from the session with some simple dietary and lifestyle changes that you can use to build your resilience and make sure you’re optimising your health and firing on all cylinders when you need to.

Objectives for the session

– Assess your lunch according to nutritional therapy principles

– Review sources of stress in your own life

– Understand simple strategies to support your body to handle stress

Briony is a self-confessed foodie, a herbal tea fanatic and a big fan of cake. She is a practicing nutritional therapist with a particular focus on the impact of stress on our health and wellbeing. Briony works with individuals to help them overcome specific issues (trouble with sleep, digestion, skin for example) using adjustments to their diet, supplements and lifestyle changes. Briony has a keen interest in behaviour change and uses this in her work to help clients make simple changes that last. In her day job (4 days a week), Briony works for Rocketmakers where she is Scaleup Lead.

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