WEBINAR Christmas Presence – unwrap the tools for a positive mindset in 2021!

WEBINAR Christmas Presence – unwrap the tools for a positive mindset in 2021!

With Christmas fast approaching, and with the added pressures on businesses that are dealing with with the challenges that COVID 19 brings, well-being, happiness and mental health is increasingly important as we move into 2021.

This is the first in a series of 4 events that aims to support you to develop effective strategies to improve your professional performance and delivery and increase your wellbeing through challenging times.

The first in the series will provide an upbeat practical session, focusing on entrepreneurial well being and mindfulness.

It will offer practical tools and exercises that can be used daily to manage stress and anxiety and improve quality of life in and out of the work environment, and help you be more present this Christmas.

What will be covered in this session?

Practical tools to manage stress and anxiety :

Start your journey to improving your wellbeing at work here ! Learn two techniques in this workshop that can be easily worked into a busy day to give you the ability to better face the challenges that running your business throws at you.

Content grounded in evidence based cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques:

Easy to understand and to put into practice in your business, these skills are scientifically proven to help to improve mental health and well being by challenging and changing unhelpful thoughts and behaviours and instead help you to develop coping strategies that target solving current problems and give you the skills to meet new challenges head on.

Powerful tools to deal with the challenges faces by small business owners:

Learn sustainable skills that will help you to stay focused on tasks, find a sense of calm in the midst of stressful situations, increase engagement and satisfaction with work, be more resilient, creative and improve your wellbeing ready for your business take on 2021!

For more information and to register, please click here.

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