WEBINAR Building Strengths that Build Resilience

WEBINAR Building Strengths that Build Resilience

We all experience failure, disappointment and setbacks in our lives. We also lose the drive that keeps us moving forward at times. This course is for anyone who wants to develop greater skills and a higher level of resilience and mental toughness when at work. It’s interactive and practical and will raise awareness of the resilience and mental toughness skills you already possess which can be used everyday.

During this 2 hour online workshop participants will gain the opportunity to identify and develop their resilience levels and increase their mental toughness.

The benefits of our ‘Building Strengths that Build Resilience" virtual workshop are:

• It creates a positive business culture

• It develops resilience and mental toughness skills in the team and individual

• It builds trust, open communication and engagement among team members

• It increases motivation and moral

• It can help to reduce mental health problems occurring in the workplace

• Resilient people are more likely to perceive setbacks and challenges as manageable.

• Absenteeism is reduced which immediately gives a return on investment

After attending this 2 hour workshop, you should be able to:

• Explain what resilience means and the importance of resilience in our everyday lives

• How Emotional Intelligence is linked to resilience

• Feeling positive in the middle of stress

• Commit to daily habits that lead to optimal performance- Bending but not breaking!

• How to get more control of your thinking

• Action plan/toolkit

For more information and to register, please click here.

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