Management and Leadership Webinar

Management and Leadership Webinar

This webinar will provide viewers with an overview of Management Apprenticeships at level 3 – Team Leader and Supervisor (equivalent to A level) and level 5 – Departmental and Operational Managers (equivalent to second year of degree).

We will guide you through what each Apprenticeship involves and how Make UK Ltd will train, assess and support Managers to be successful. These holistic Apprenticeships cover all key areas of Management and provide Managers with the skills and knowledge they need, to practically implement in the workplace during the Apprenticeship and after. This will increase the confidence of Managers, enabling them to become high performers in their roles, helping companies to achieve their vision and goals. These Apprenticeships cover all areas including;

  • Building Relationships
  • Leading People
  • Managing People
  • Operational Management
  • Finance
  • Communication
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Self-Awareness
  • Management of Self

Make UK Ltd are proud to have achieved an EPA Centre of Excellence Plaque from City and Guilds in 2023 for Management Apprenticeship delivery and the achievement of distinctions and merits through the Centre.

If you are a levy payer this is a golden opportunity to utilise your levy funding which will cover the cost of the Apprenticeship.

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