Family-run business expands with expert guidance

Family-run business expands with expert guidance

Saintly Skincare is a family-run business in Telford which specialises in advanced skin treatments such as chemical peels, micro-needling, LED light therapy and facials.

It is run by Lauren and Tina Williams, who are both passionate about skincare, health and wellness. They have personal experience of how skin conditions can badly affect lives and wanted to help others in the same position.

Skincare specialist Lauren has worked in both private and NHS psychological services and brings a patient-wellbeing approach to the clinic. Her enthusiasm for skincare started while trying to tackle her own skin issues, including frequent breakouts. Lauren’s mother Tina is the operations manager and skincare assistant.

The professional clinic area is home-based and uses DermaQuest and ClinicCare products, which are cruelty-free & vegan.

The challenge

The business has done well in its first year, allowing Lauren to leave her full-time job and start taking a salary from Saintly Skincare just six months after starting trading.

There is a loyal and regular client base, but there is still unused capacity in the appointments diary.

Lauren and Tina wanted to grow the business and increase turnover and profits, setting five key targets:

· become fully booked in the second year of business.

· attract new, ‘dream’ clients into the business and improve the service.

· move into higher income treatments to improve profit margins.

· implement systems and structure that will allow them to scale the business in the future.

· create a paid role for Tina to allow her to leave her full-time job to concentrate on Saintly Skincare

The solution

Lauren and Tina received help from Invest Telford’s Business Advice Service at the Marches Growth Hub Telford who put them in touch with Alan Adams from Horizons Consultants Ltd. He conducted a deep dive into the business to look at destination, exploration, planning, tactics and health.

Alan then created a detailed action plan, with tasks for the next 12-18 months.

These included:

· CRM system implementation

· Upgrade of equipment

· New VIP membership mapped out

· Hiring a social media manager


As a direct result of the business support received, Saintly Skincare achieved its highest monthly revenue and Lauren and Tina have a strategy and tools in place to grow the business further.

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