Thrive at Work Workplace Wellbeing Awards Programme


Now is the time to re-energise your business and take care of your staff

Join the free, supported, workplace wellbeing programme where you’re recognised for improving the health and wellbeing of your employees.

Your employees are your most important and valuable asset. However, one in six people suffer with poor mental health at work and the problem is compounded further by uncertainty arising from the current climate.

Associated costs for sickness absences, presenteeism and staff turnover can run into thousands of pounds for many struggling businesses. It pays to invest in employee wellbeing.

Thrive at Work offers a holistic approach to managing workplace wellbeing. It provides a practical framework with effective techniques that keep staff motivated and healthy. Managers are guided across five thematic topics that are known to be key influences on employee mental health and wellbeing:

Thrive at Work themes

Enablers of health

addresses organisational leadership, policies and procedures that can help effect change.

Mental health

helps to develop identification, prevention and self- management mental wellbeing strategies, including training Text Box: and support.


addresses prevention, self-management and treatment strategies, and support, such as how posture and movement at work can impact on physical health.


tackles general wellbeing issues such as smoking, alcohol, substance use, weight management and physical activity.

External risks to health

considers wider impacts on health, such as financial pressures, domestic abuse and caring responsibilities.

The Thrive at Work workplace commitment guides you through a structured framework of criteria. You also get access to a free online toolkit that gives you ‘How to’ guidance for implementing and improving employee health and wellbeing

How it works

The Foundation level has been developed as a straight forward 5 step approach, which gives a comprehensive understanding of the current position of the organisation and the mental and physical wellbeing of your workforce and any lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upon achieving this level, you will be recognised with a certificate and an accreditation logo allowing you to showcase the efforts that you have made, as an organisation, to improve the wellbeing of your staff.

Organisations that then progress to formal accreditation at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels will be invited to receive their award at a celebration event.

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