Using digital tech to grow? Join a Peer Network

Using digital tech to grow? Join a Peer Network

Published: January 25th, 2021

The new Peer Networks programmes is now open to a wider range of businesses – with those companies using digital technology to support growth now eligible too.

The move opens the door to accessing specialist support to help businesses recover from the economic impact of the last year. The Marches LEP is overseeing the delivery of the Peer Networks project which brings businesses facing similar challenges together.

Chris Gough, a business advisor delivering one of the Peer Network cohorts, said the scope to include any SME which uses digital technology to support or enhance their business was welcome.

“Peer networks help businesses navigate multiple stages in the business change cycle and can be called on time and again, and, through structured conversations, focused to support specific issues.

“This widen scope means a range of different businesses are eligible, from accountants who want their clients to use a cloud based accounting package; companies which want to explore the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI) to future proof the activities they do or businesses which have had to accelerate digital transformation with the shift to remote working.”

“Some of the challenges that may be presented could be a financial advisor who wants to use AI in initial online chats; a quantity surveyor who wants to see how his industry will change with the migration to Building Information Modelling (BIM), and what he needs to do to prepare for this or a SME looking to reduce costs by creating more automation in the process they operate.”

For more information on the extended Cyber & Digital cohort and to register, click here.

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