UK Business Climate Hub

One-stop-shop to help businesses save money and go green


The UK Business Climate Hub is a collaboration between the UK Government, businesses and business groups across the UK. The Hub is the UK partner of the SME Climate Hub, the global initiative which empowers small and medium-sized enterprises to take climate action. 

As well as helping businesses measure and report on their emissions, the site provides advice and support on an array of things, including:

  • Switching employee modes of transport and paying less for company EVs
  • Getting business grants, green loans and financing for a retrofit
  • Getting an air source heat pump
  • Generating green energy with a wind turbine and selling it back to the grid
  • Reducing emissions from farming and land use
  • Buying credible carbon offsets
  • Getting low-carbon product labels and certifications
  • Reducing waste and recycling more

Visit the website for more information and to get started.

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