Smart filming with a smartphone

Smart filming with a smartphone
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Published: March 11th, 2019

bigstock--179183635Businesses across the Marches are being encouraged to make the most of smartphone filming to help grow their audience.

Experts at Hereford-based video production company Shooting Reels say both product and service-based businesses should be maximising the use of video to build brand awareness and increase sales.

And they say it needn’t be a costly exercise.

The company, which specialises in corporate, brand and event video production, have shared some of their top tips for getting all businesses filming on their smartphones.

What to film

Content is king. Everyone has heard this phrase but when it comes to video it couldn’t be more true. Consider filming new products and services; make some how-to videos (these can be very effective if you have a niche business); try some vlogging; highlight recruitment opportunities or document what is happening in your business.

Video planning

Planning how and what you film is important and it’s essential to have some clear objectives. What are you aiming to achieve with your video? More followers? Brand awareness? Increased sales?

Once you have set out some clear objectives, you then need to think about your target audience – gender, age, hobbies, location etc and what platforms are you intending to use to share your video – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In etc.

Filming techniques with your smartphone

Before you get started on making your film, the Shooting Reels team advise running a few basic checks:

  • Check the storage on your phone (min 5GB)

  • Check your phone is in flight mode (This helps to limit interruptions)

  • Check the lens is clean

Limit distractions

  • Check what’s in the background and foreground

  • The fewer distractions, the more engaged the audience will be

Talent appearance

If you plan on having someone in your video talking or presenting, think about who is the best person in your organisation to do this. Are they engaging? And, a top tip for the presenter – wear something you feel good in as that can boost confidence.

Landscape v Portrait

Landscape is recommended in most cases as it is the most professional and will help with editing process if everything is filmed in landscape. However use portrait if you’re filming for social stories on Instagram or Snapchat.


Reviewing the video once it’s been recorded is essential. Study it closely and:

  • Make sure everything is neat in the background

  • Listen to what you are saying particularly ums and ahs

  • Make sure you are looking at the camera

  • Check you have filmed in the correct format and the content is good


Viewers can forgive poor filming BUT poor sound is a no no. Background noise can be off-putting so make sure you are not covering up any mics. To improve the sound quality, you might want to consider investing in a lav mic or an external recorder.


To get the best out of your video avoid filming next to a bright window and use the sun as a natural light source. The best time of the day to film is early morning with fresh light or in the evening to add a golden glow to your footage.

Tips and Tricks

Finally, some of our top tips for editing are:

  • Select the best moments from your footage

  • Cutting to music helps drive emotions

  • Use text to emphasise key points

  • Keep your video to 2 minutes or shorter

This blog has been written with advice and expertise provided by the team at Shooting Reels, which recently delivered the Smart Filming workshop at the Love Digital event in Hereford.

For more information on the company visit

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