Marches businesses invited to cyber security workshop

Marches businesses invited to cyber security workshop

Published: July 5th, 2021

Businesses in the Marches are being given the opportunity to learn how to boost their cyber security at a special event later this month.

Cyber-crime is real and its impact is expensive. In the last 12 months, 46% of UK businesses reported a cyber-security attack and this virtual workshop on July 30, run by Lockdown Cyber Security and the Marches Growth Hub Telford, will give an overview of what you need to be aware of to keep your business safe.

The first part of the session will look at the evolution of cyber security;

  • first beginnings of the industry
  • technological advancements of the 90’s and the adoption of the internet
  • how the attack vectors have changed and evolved
  • behavioural changes, business changes and how these have affected the industry and accelerated cyber fraud
  • where the sector is heading and the importance of personal security

The second part will identify how you can be more cyber secure; looking at real life examples to highlight attacks and breaches on both small to medium enterprises and the enterprise landscape as a whole.

You will find out what the attack was, what the impact was, how the business resolved it and what could have been done to prevent it occurring. You will also be given best practice, hints and tips to improve cyber hygiene and make your business more resilient.

The workshop is open to businesses of all sizes and you can register here.

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