When “No” means “No – Not Yet” – Sales Workshop – First half

When “No” means “No – Not Yet” – Sales Workshop – First half

Gain an insight into the strategies salespeople use to build trust and make sales.

This event is being delivered by Mick Merrick from Intergrated Growth Solutions on behalf of Herefordshire Growth Hub

The “When No Means No – Not Yet!” sales course, emphasises the importance of persistence in sales. It provides insightful statistics on salespeople’s follow-up practices, revealing that a significant portion of sales occur after multiple contacts, despite most salespeople giving up too soon.

The course highlights the necessity of being persistent without being pushy, and the need for a structured plan and script. It also stresses the importance of distinguishing between urgent and important tasks and the critical role of consistent follow-up. This course is an excellent resource for understanding and improving engagement and thus results with prospects in sales.

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