WEBINAR How to get ahead in digital transformation

WEBINAR How to get ahead in digital transformation

A webinar for companies who want to develop their specific technology and digital needs with The Development Manager.

• The importance of tech & digital workplace skills right now – especially off the back of Covid-19

• The long term value of offering an apprenticeship position in your company

• Staff retention and upskilling of current workforce through higher level apprenticeships (including Solutions Professional Degree and GAiDT Coaching Programme to adapt current job role to include digital responsibilities)

What will attendees gain from joining the webinar?

• A new perspective on apprenticeships and work based learning options, and their place in the working world right now

• Creative and achievable solutions to the skills gap most businesses are currently facing

• A greater understanding of the digital landscape all businesses now operate in

• An understanding of how to effectively invest in your team and support them to develop and gain the most out of their role for themselves and for the wider company as a whole.

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