WEBINAR: Export Procedures in 2021: Getting Goods to Market

WEBINAR: Export Procedures in 2021: Getting Goods to Market

The Export Academy in partnership with the regional Growth Hubs within the West Midlands have launched a series of free virtual workshops to help you build a successful international trade strategy. It will cover the fundamental considerations surrounding getting your goods to market and export procedures…

The workshop will focus on how international trade procedures are working after the end of the Transition period in January 2021 and so the knowledge and skills acquired by attending will be relevant going forward. Key topics to be covered include:

  • Receiving the order and the sales contract
  • Identifying the importance of Incoterms
  • Paperwork and documentation required for the export 
  • Customs data 
  • Packing requirements
  • How to obtain quotes for shipping
  • Selecting the right mode of transport i.e. depending on the size, market, and timings
  • Collection procedures
  • The transit procedure and the customs controls at export and at import in the corresponding market
  • The risks, obligations, and costs for each party at transit, subject to Incoterms and insurance
  • Communications with the key partners during the process
  • Customs compliance and regulatory issues

Upcoming sessions – Part 1:

Upcoming sessions – Part 2:​​​​​​ 

  • Part 2 for the 9th March session will take place on the 23rd March 2021
  • Part 2 for the 6th April session will take place on the 20th April

For more information and to register, please click here.

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