WEBINAR Creativity Bootcamp – unlock ideas for yourself and your business

WEBINAR Creativity Bootcamp – unlock ideas for yourself and your business

Do you drive a car? Work on a computer? Use a mobile phone? These things might seem second nature to you, but there was a time when you did them for the first time. You learned by being shown, taught and guided, and then through practice.

It’s the same with Creativity.

Creative genius is not innate. It is learned and honed through practice.

Join our webinar series on unlocking your creative potential to learn the core concepts of creativity, the skills and behaviours you need to make into habits, and the tools that will enable you to stretch your thinking to solve your challenges.

Over three webinars, working on a real-world business challenge, we will, together, turbocharge our creative potential.

What You Will Learn

  • The process of Design Thinking: to give your creative energy structure
  • How our ways of thinking can help or hinder creativity
  • What behaviours you need to adopt and encourage in others in order to make creativity work for you
  • How to identify the real problem you are trying to solve – the heart of the issue for your end-users and customers
  • How to idea generate collaboratively using creative problem solving techniques and tools used by the best innovation teams
  • How to test ideas to ensure they are genuinely solving the problem for end users
  • What you need to consider to take ideas to action and have impact

Who Is This For

  • Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners and leaders in SMEs who are keen to inject creativity into their ways of working
  • Third Sector Organisations eager to explore innovative solutions to end-user or fundraising challenges
  • Anyone who has ever said "I’m not creative!" and what’s to challenge themselves to be proven wrong!

Course Content and Commitments

22 July, 11am: Webinar workshop: What’s really going on?

A deep exploration of identifying the real challenge you are trying to solve using insight gathering tools and behaviours

29 July, 11am: Webinar workshop: What’s the idea?

The best, most effective brainstorming session you’ve ever had! We will share our best tips and tools for generating brilliant ideas to solve your challenges

5 August, 11am: Webinar workshop: Testing, testing

The final workshop puts ideas to the test by creating prototypes and trying them out with end users. Once you’ve got a winning idea, you need to do something with it, so we also explore how you can turn your ideas into winning action.

For more information and to register, please click here.

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