WEBINAR Communicating *Out* of a Crisis

WEBINAR Communicating *Out* of a Crisis

We’re certainly in unprecedented times and the pressures on our businesses, our teams, our clients, and our communities is unlike anything we’ve ever had to face before. But the wheels will continue to turn. Business will continue, and build, and grow, but in a way that’s different to what came before. What you did then may very well not work now, and so it’s essential that you go back to the drawing board and work up a robust communications plan now, so that you can leverage every opportunity in the future.

Who will be most important to you. What’s their psychology – now and later. How can you reach them. And how can you make sure that your message sticks? In this webinar we’ll cover all of this and more. Felicity Wingrove, Founder and Managing Director of Zen Communications is one of the UK’s leading experts in the applied psychology of language. She’s led external comms for a FTSE100 and run a national PR agency, and now she’s sharing some of her top insights to help you prepare for the days and weeks ahead.

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