Unlocking Business Growth: Navigating HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation

Unlocking Business Growth: Navigating HubSpot CRM and Marketing Automation

Join David Parry of Wellmeadow, for a one-hour webinar where you’ll learn how HubSpot, a world-leading CRM can help your business manage its marketing, drive sales, and deliver excellent customer service.

As HubSpot Gold partners, they are well positioned to help you get a deeper understanding of how HubSpot can help your business.

Topics Covered in the Webinar:

  • An Overview of HubSpot CRM: Explore the comprehensive features of HubSpot, including managing Contacts/Companies, Marketing, Sales, Service, and Reporting
  • Practical Insights for Existing Users: Get the benefit of Wellmeadow’s extensive experience to see how you can supercharge your existing HubSpot implementation.
  • Marketing Automation Basics: Discover the benefits of using HubSpot’s marketing automation to effectively reach your target audience and nurture your prospects.

By the end of this session, you’ll have the skills to:

  • Get an understanding of how HubSpot operates and how it can help manage your CRM.
  • Understand how HubSpot can help streamline your marketing and sales activities to help drive growth.
  • Understand the key concepts of using marketing automation to reach and nurture your target audiences.

Who Is It For?

This webinar is for small businesses, entrepreneurs, charities and social enterprises, looking to find out more about how to use HubSpot to drive their growth.

About your facilitator – David Parry, Wellmeadow

David Parry, MD of Wellmeadow will be hosting the Webinar and taking us through the HubSpot functionality.

Wellmeadow have worked with over 100 SMEs at board-level focussing on governance, business growth, HubSpot services, and content creation.

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