Thoughtful Thursdays Inspired Mindset

Thoughtful Thursdays Inspired Mindset
An insightful and thought-provoking look into different mindset topics for wellbeing and personal effectiveness from Inspired Mindset.


An insightful and thought-provoking look into different mindset topics for wellbeing and personal effectiveness from Inspired Mindset. Book your free place on this informative and supportive series of webinars! Part 1 starts 22 July and Part 2 starts 9 September.

More information:

A programme of eight different webinar sessions with Inspired Mindset. These will be delivered on Thursdays as part of the ‘Thoughtful Thursday series’ and will be delivered in two parts. Part 1 starts on 22 July 2021 for four weeks and Part 2 starts on 16 September for a further four weeks.

Learn different models and insights on a range of different topic areas and discover many different tools, techniques and strategies for better wellbeing in this ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ series with Inspired Mindset.

Inspired Mindset delivers training and coaching, specialising in a number of mindset topics for wellbeing and personal impact and effectiveness.

These webinars are perfect if you are an SME looking to invest time in your personal development. As the series suggests, ‘Thoughtful Thursdays’ will give you a thinking space to not only develop your skillsets, but also challenge your mindsets. You will take away strategies and gain new tools and techniques for a mindset that promotes better wellbeing and personal impact. After all, Inspired Mindset believe that your mindset is your most important business asset.

Who’s it for?

Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin and Herefordshire business owners and managers, Entrepreneurs, SMEs both Business2Business, Business2Consumer, not for profits and charities.


Thursday 22nd July @ 9.30am – Managing stress & anxiety.

In this we will cover: 

Exploring your human needs and the affect this has on wellbeing

Introducing you to tools to recognise the signs and triggers of stress

Defining the relationship between stress, pressure and performance

Understanding the impacts your beliefs have on stress

Giving you some strategies to manage your stress levels

Thursday 29th July @ 9.30am – Building confidence and assertiveness  

In this we will cover: 

Exploring what confidence is

Discovering the impact our inner critic can have on self-esteem

Discovering the impact our beliefs have on performance

Providing strategies to help you think and behave with more confidence

How to communicate with assertiveness

Thursday 5th August @ 9.30am – Being emotionally intelligent

In this we will cover: 

What emotional intelligence is and why it is important for wellbeing.

The four components of emotional intelligence and how to manage these better

The importance of empathy and how this differs to sympathy

The rapport model for better business relationships

Thursday 12th August @ 9.30am – Managing wellbeing during change

In this we will cover: 

The different types of change

How different people react to change

The difference between changes and transitions

Strategies to take away to manage your wellbeing during change situations

Thursday 16th September @ 9.30am – Building a positive mindset

In this we will cover: 

Understanding your beliefs and the impacts they have on your outcomes

What is negativity bias?

We explore the five recognised core elements of wellbeing

Strategies for a more positive mindset

Thursday 23rd September @ 9.30am – Perfectionism and imposter syndrome

In this we will cover: 

The impacts perfectionism can have on wellbeing

Strategies to help you with unhelpful perfectionistic traits

Where imposter syndrome may come from

The five types of imposter syndrome

Strategies to help you with your imposter syndrome

Thursday 30th September @ 9.30am – Beating performance anxiety

In this we will cover: 

What is performance anxiety?

How you can use different strategies to address your unhelpful beliefs

How to prepare and psyche yourself up to give your best performance

How a ‘growth mindset’ can help your performance anxiety

Thursday 7th October @ 9.30am – How to manage your worry

In this we will cover: 

What is worry?

The difference between worry and problem solving

We will explore the worry cycle

Helpful strategies and self-management techniques to manage your worry


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