Managing Finances when Trading Overseas

Managing Finances when Trading Overseas

Trading internationally can expose your business to a unique set of risks when it comes to getting paid and managing your money. This exciting event will offer guidance and top tips on what pitfalls to watch out for, how to mitigate risk and your options when it comes to trade finance.

Topics covered include:

Getting Paid – What are your options when it comes to payment terms when dealing with an overseas customer? Should you use payment in advance, open account, letters of credit, bills of exchange?
Managing Currencies – Exchange rate fluctuations can make the difference between profit and loss on a deal. What mechanisms can you put in places to minimise risk? What is the market outlook for 2021/22 and what are the key events and issues you should look out for?
Financing the deal – How does trade finance work? What solutions are available and when are they applicable? Top tips for obtaining finance for difficult markets and sectors.

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