EVENT: Are you an ambitious business owner looking to grow your company?

EVENT: Are you an ambitious business owner looking to grow your company?

Published: February 14th, 2018


Ambitious business owners are invited to learn more about a "game changing" programme which can help transform companies with high growth potential.

"The Sirius process has been a major game changer to our business, not only has it has made a massive difference to our business culture and values. It has enabled us to increase annual turnover from £5 to £9.7 million, and climbing, within 6 months of starting the Sirius process, whilst inspiring our staff and bringing out their very best personal and professional qualities along the way. I can’t recommend David Keefe and the Sirius process highly enough". MD, Bryland Fire Protection, Dudley.

"Sirius was beyond expectations in offering brilliantly simple solutions… the most impressive I have come across during 30 years in business".Achieving record turnover and a doubling of profit growth in recent years". Awarded biggest contract in the company’s history recently." MD of a Midlands Manufacturing Co

"I am extremely delighted with such an inspiring and enlightening process. Sirius has stimulated our growth from £6.5 million to near £30 million in a decade in which we have created 142 new jobs". MD of a Midlands Power Generator Co.

Dr David Keefe, founder of the Sirius business transformation, will lead a workshop in Telford on the programme which has a proven and unprecedented track record of helping companies achieve sustainable high profits growth through several ‘breakthrough innovation’ processes.

You will leave this workshop understanding;-


  • Why it is vital to become unique and different through continuous transformation
  • How you can create ‘mega opportunities’ by combining your core competencies with selected strategic partners
  • How you can beat industry leaders though Disruptive Innovation
  • Why Business Model Innovation is the highest form of competition in business, yet least understood and thus most neglected
  • How you can meet 3 key leadership challenges in transforming your company culture
Sustaining a highly profitable company future through BREAKTHROUGH INNOVATION will be held on March 2, from 9am to noon, at the Marches Growth Hub Telford & Wrekin. BOOK HERE!

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