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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Gaps in key areas of knowledge can often hinder a company's prospects. Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a structured Innovate UK programme and is the means through which your company can acquire a key new capability; one you think is too strategically important to collaborate with another business on and one that stands between your business and a significant growth opportunity.

Innovate UK's KTP programme funds SME's at 67% and big businesses at 50%. The technical scope of KTP's is very open so any kind of problem is fundable, as long as it enables a significant profit opportunity for the business, transfers knowledge from a University to the business and is innovative and challenging. You will work with a relevant UK university and the university academic will supervise a graduate to deliver the innovation project and embed the new knowledge into your business. The graduate, who will actually be employed by the University, will work at your premises full time for the period of the project (up-to 3 years.)

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