Creativity Bootcamp promises to help unlock your potential

Creativity Bootcamp promises to help unlock your potential

Published: July 13th, 2020

Creativity_workshopsA series of virtual workshops is promising to help businesses across Shropshire unlock their creativity and reach their full potential.

The Marches Growth Hub Shropshire has teamed up with The Innovation Beehive to deliver the series of three webinars as part of a Creativity Bootcamp.

The series – which gets under way on July 22 – promises to demonstrate how creativity can be learned and provide businesses with the tools needed to stretch their thinking and provide solutions to their challenges.

Emma Chapman, Marches Growth Hub Shropshire manager, said the webinars would use a real-world business challenge to show the importance of creativity in business.

"This is a really exciting series of webinars with the team from The Innovation Beehive, who are experts in helping businesses unlock their full potential. We’d urge anyone interested to book on all three to really get the full benefit of the expertise on offer.

"It will prove invaluable to entrepreneurs, small business owners and leaders in SMEs as well as Third Sector organisations and anyone who believes they are not creative and is prepared to be proved wrong."

Emma said the webinars would explore the process of Design Thinking to give your creative energy structure, how different ways of thinking can help or hinder creativity, what behaviours you need to adopt and encourage in others in order to make creativity work for you and how to identify the real problem you are trying to solve.

Other topics to be covered include how to generate ideas collaboratively using creative problem solving techniques and tools, how to test ideas to ensure they are genuinely solving the problem and what you need to consider to transform great ideas into action.

The July 22 webinar – What’s really going on? – gets under way at 11am and examines the challenges of identifying the real challenge you are trying to solve using insight gathering tools and behaviours.

Session two on 29 July also starts at 11am and is called What’s the idea? It promises to deliver the best, most effective brainstorming session you’ve ever had with a host of tips and tools for generating brilliant ideas to solve your challenges.

The series wraps up on August 5, again at 11am, with a session called Testing, Testing. This final workshop puts ideas to the test by creating prototypes and trying them out with end users.

Emma added: "In addition to these webinars, you will also be given free access to an online platform packed with all the creativity tools we use in the programme. This online course complements the webinars and you will be able to come back to it again and again when you practice creativity in the future."

To book on the workshops and for further information visit:

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