Companies urged to bolster online defences 

Companies urged to bolster online defences 

Published: March 17th, 2022

Companies across the Marches have been urged to strengthen their online defences in the wake of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The National Cyber Security Centre says all organisations should take steps to safeguard themselves against online attacks as a result of heightened international tensions.

The centre is urging all businesses to read its list of recommended steps to improve their security and take any necessary action.

The list includes some basic steps to take to reduce the risk of falling prey to a range of online attacks which it says is vital at a time of heightened cyber threat.

“An organisation is unlikely to be able to make widespread system changes quickly in response to a change in threat, but organisations should make every effort to implement these actions as a priority,” it says.

Basic steps which are covered include checking system patching, verifying access controls, making sure defences are working, logging and monitoring, responding to phishing attacks and checking your internet footprint.

The NCSC advice also lists more advanced steps larger organisations can take to make sure they are fully protected.

The NCSC was set up to respond to cyber security incidents and reduce the harm they cause to organisations and the wider UK, share practical help and advice to improve online security across the country and work with industry and academic experts to nurture the UK’s cyber security capability.

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