Mountain Perspective

Mountain Perspective
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When I was introduced to the Marches Growth Hub I was amazed that we had such an incredible facility for new and growing businesses. It’s been an amazing support.”

Jon Johnson, Director, Mountain Perspective


  • Delivers unique business development and leadership consultancy
  • Moved from being home-based to office space at the Marches Growth Hub
  • Expansion of business network thanks to professional working environment


Mountain Perspective is a unique approach to delivering business development support and advice. Developed by Jon Johnson, the company takes business leaders into the mountains to literally gain a “mountain perspective” of their lives and businesses, allowing them to see a bigger picture and develop a new vision based on what they discover.

The experience begins from the car park, where clients make their own decisions about whether to take the easy or harder paths up the mountain. Conversation during the hike covers everything from work to family and any challenges or opportunities being faced, so that the process can end with a well-developed plan that will take the business to the next stage and beyond.

A late-diagnosed dyslexic who left school with three GCSEs, Jon went on to gain a degree in business and now harnesses his unique style of learning to help others, taking them outside the normal, office-based approaches to planning and problem-solving.

The business challenge

A home based office soon became too limiting for the growth of the business, particularly with a young family also requiring attention.

In order to grow, a professional space to do business was required, along with the ability to be a more active part of the wider business community.

How the Marches Growth Hub helped

Initially Jon made use of the hot-desking space at the Marches Growth Hub, Skylon Court, which also provided a professional environment to meet clients and access to meeting spaces and other business resources.

Now he has moved on to an incubator unit, where he has a base and the opportunity to work daily around other businesses in the unit, which affords the opportunity to share ideas and experience with other experts and professionals. He is benefitting from being part of a thriving workplace while continuing to develop his unique business.

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