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WEBINAR Stress Awareness – FREE Online Session (Delivered by Paycare)

26th November, 2020   10:00am to 11:00am

The purpose of this online session is to encourage, support, and enable people to understand stress -
the triggers of stress, awareness of what causes stress and how to understand your 'stress tank'.

The session will be supported by friend of Paycare and Lifestyle Intervention Consultant, Laura Butler,
who will explain the connection between stress and food, along with how stress impacts our food
choices and how our food choices impact our stress levels.

The Session will offer

  • Information related to current research around stress and managing stress
  • Explanation of the stress and food cycle, along with the affects of Cortisol and weight loss on the body
  • Understanding of emotional and binge eating
  • Understanding of how to stabilise the blood sugar rollercoaster and beat potential cravings
  • Referral pathways for eating disorders
  • Further training opportunities to better equip you or your team to understand, identify or support those with mental health conditions
For more information and to register, please click here.