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Dealing with Under-performance (Breakfast Briefing)

30th January, 2020   8:45am to 10:00am

Aico Limited, Oswestry

Listed under: Shropshire

If you're a manager, dealing with poor performance can be your most dreaded task. Confronting team members about correcting or improving their performance is often intimidating, stressful and filled with unexpected twists and turns. Some managers dread it so much they avoid the 'pain' altogether by accepting poor performance until it turns into a dismissal issue.

This insightful session will provide you with an insight to the tools and techniques at your disposal to help team members improve their performance. These tools will keep managers focused on observable performance and will keep defensive side-tracks from detailing the improvement process.


  • Managing and improving performance
  • Learning to intervene rather than confront
  • Developing skills to bring the focus back to performance


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