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Pricing with Confidence

15th May, 2019   9:15am to 12:15pm

Marches Growth Hub , Telford & Wrekin, Shifnal Road

Pricing With Confidence

 One of the most commonly asked questions by business start-ups and even people who have been self-employed for a while, is

 ‘how do I get my pricing right?’

 Do you find yourself panicking when people ask how much you charge?

Do you suddenly decide to make them a special offer or reduce the figure you had in your head?
Or do you give your prices with a quiet confidence?

Do you wonder how the people work out their pricing at all?

(Especially if you’re delivering group work, membership or online content.)

Would you like to put your prices up, increase your income or improve your cashflow?

Do you find your work really easy and enjoyable to do?
And end up giving it away for (next to) nothing?

Let’s put an end to the angst and get you confident in your pricing (and earning more)

 I will show you some simple strategies to work out your pricing structure and we’ll also spend time on you so that you value yourself more and feel comfortable and confident with what you charge.

 On this workshop you will:

  • Learn to value your time, experience and expertise

  • Start to gain clarity on your business finances

  • Understand how to price your service

  • Comfortably revamp your current pricing structure

  • Have a simple system for pricing future products or services

  • Have a plan for future price increases

  • Be super-confident in the prices you charge 

(This workshop is best suited to service-based businesses.) 

Helen is a Growth Hub Guru -  one of our existing 'extended team' of consultants . Gurus work with us to provide the delivery of specialist business support services here at the Marches Growth Hub Telford